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2016-12-17 to 2016-12-18



■ Seibu Shibuya Store A Building 3F = Key to Style


■ 西武渋谷店 A館3階=キートゥースタイル 03(3462)3435<直通>


Luna Fleuge (Luna Flu - Ju) will be holding a Christmas special called "Hanabi". Choose the flowers that are right for you and keep flowers on your head with special techniques. After you complete your flower garment, you can take photos freely with your camera or smartphone. You can enjoy the flowers again as a mini bouquet. For details on this offer, please visit the website. ※ The link will be in Japanese only. ■ Date and time of opening: Saturday, December 17, Sunday 18th (Sunday) ※ 23 (Friday), 24th (Saturday) and 25th (Sunday) ■ Time: 10 am - noon, 1 pm - 4 pm, 5 pm - 8 pm This service takes about 30 minutes. ■ Price 【General price】 10,800 yen ■ Reservation method:  [Advance reservation] Monday, December 5 (Monday) 10 am - Thursday, December 15 at 9 pm * We will accept reservations on a first come first served basis. 【Same-day application】 Please turn in your application directly to the staff at the venue on the day. (Reservation Priority) **** * The service at this event is only for the head, and will work best on 5 cm or longer hair. ※ For ages 7 and up ※ If you are allergic to certain chemicals, you may not be able to experience it. Please tell us at the time of reservation if you have any allergies. ※ Please do not use hair spray or wax the day of. ※ If you do not come within 10 minutes of your reservation time, we will cancel.