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Pick up unique souvenirs for your travels and Japanese chachkies that Seibu Shibuya store is proud to display. We have items that are sure to please overseas customers. ● Small Plate with Japanese Designs These designs add a bit of contemporary flair to these dishes that trace their roots back to the Genroku Period (1688–1704). They are very fashionable plates that you can use to accent any dish.. amabro / small dish 1,404 yen each (porcelain) ■ A Hall 4F = Be My Gift. ● Plates Symbolizing Tokyo There are too many foods to eat, places to see and things to do in Tokyo! These stylish plates show off Tokyo’s charm with 69 iconic dishes and places of Tokyo. KIHARA / TOKYO ICON (S) 1,620 yen, (L) 3,780 yen ■ B Hall 7 floor = tableware department ● Made in Japan Jinbei for Kids The drawn on cherries makes for a cute, yet charming design. The easy to move in Jinbei is perfect for small children. Miki House / Girls Jinbei Suit 6,264 yen (100% cotton, 80~130cm) ■ A Hall 6 floor = MIKI ● Popular Baby Bottle Made in Japan The unique arch-like shape is ideal for babies who are just starting to drink from the bottle. Mothers can easily control their ideal breast feeding position. Betta / Dr. Betta Bottle 1,404 yen (bottle: 100% polypropylene, cap: 100% polypropylene, breast pump: 100% silicon) ■ A Hall 6 floor = Blossom 39 For more items, please check out our website. ※The website link is currently only available in Japanese.