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2016 Summer Keio Special Lucky Bags




SHOPKeio Department Store, Shinjuku

AREATokyo > Shinjuku

2016-07-01 10:00 to 2016-07-10 20:00



With all the great clearance deals going on, July is the time to shop!
During Keio’s Summer Clearance event, we will be selling about 35 different kinds of mystery bags, or fukubukuro, filled with goodies that are made in Japan, as well as popular Japanese brands, and summer time items!!
Let's take a peek at some of these fukubukuro bags!!

① Middle Basement Floor: Liquor Corner
[SUNTORY] Japanese Whiskey "HIBIKI" Set (comes with a present)...¥191,160 (
1 set only
This set of Suntory’s Hibiki whisky contains a 30 year old aged whisky, a 21 years old limited edition whiskey, and a Hibiki that has been aged for 17 years. (700mL each)

②5th Floor: Men's Fashion Goods Corner
[KANAYA SUEHIRO] Inden-Pattern Fan & Case Set (Checkered pattern)...¥2,700 (
Only 10 sets are available!
A folding fan is one of the must-have summer items in Japan. This particular folding fan is decorated with inden patters which is a traditional Japanese craft that has over 400 years of history. The case is approximately 22.5 cm long.

③7th Floor: Toys Corner
[TAKARA TOMY] Toy Train Mystery Bag (11 toy train parts inside!!)... ¥5,940 (
*Available inside Toy Plaza.
Only 10 sets are available!

④7th Floor: Kidswear Corner
[MIKI HOUSE HOT BISCUITS] Kidswear Set... ¥7,560 (
Only 60 sets are available
*A boys' set and a girls' set are also available. (30 sets each)

Other mystery bags are filled with sweets, accessories, women’s wear, healthy food, and much more!! Be sure to check it out!!